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Our Mission

Here’s a personal note from Anand, our CEO –

I was living in London in 2017 during four of its bloodiest months in recent history. Over the course of three terror attacks, 35 people were killed. After those attacks, I saw a change come over the mood in London. Not only was it people grieving together, I saw a people who would do anything to keep each other safe.

Later, in February 2018, I saw similar sentiments emerge in the Parkland community after the fatal school shooting there – individuals who would do everything to protect each other and their communities, kids who are still fighting for changes in legislation.

Tembo is founded on the mission to empower individuals to protect each other and their communities. We are a tech generation that cannot wait for legislation to protect us. We want to bring everyone together in achieving our mission, and we have a plan on how to do so. For now, in this first step, we would like to ask for your support. Will you help us protect one another?

– Anand Kiran Shah
Founder & CEO


We have a devoted team at Tembo, one that is passionate and eager to solve dire problems using innovative technology.


Anand Shah

CEO & Founder | LinkedIn

BS in Physics (Notre Dame ‘18), MS in Tech Entrepreneurship (Notre Dame ‘19), MS in Materials Science (Northwestern ‘21).


Dan Kervick

CFO & Co-Founder | LinkedIn

BA in Economics (Villanova ‘09), MS in Tech Entrepreneurship (Notre Dame' ‘19), ex-Navy Lieutenant, CEO of Flagship Management — a biomedical equipment service provider.


Ellen Joyce

Software Engineer | LinkedIn

BASc in Management Science & Information Systems Studies (Trinity College Dublin ‘19), MS in Tech Entrepreneurship (Notre Dame ‘20).


Jio Buenviaje

Developer | LinkedIn

BS in Computer Engineering (Notre Dame ‘22), CBS Broadcast Engineer Intern, previously employed as an embedded systems engineer.


Mentors & Advisors


Dr. Patrick Flynn

Dr. Flynn is the chair of Notre Dame’s Computer Science & Engineering Department. He has expertise in computer vision, biometrics, and pattern recognition.


Richard Wilding

Rich was previously the Director of New Ventures at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, and is currently a member of the advisory board at Cyber London Accelerator.

ian taylor.png

Dr. Ian Taylor

Dr. Taylor is the CTO of blockchain startup SIMBA Chain, and a research professor at the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Research Computing.

Peter Flood.png

Peter Flood

Peter is the CEO at AIDA Content Management, and has previously served as executive PMO for Time Warner Cable.