At Tembo, we want to understand individual and crowd behavior, especially during crises and security threats, so that we can make spaces safer and easier to secure.

We provide security teams with critical, real-time display of activity and crowd flow within the building + intelligent threat detection through our platform.


The tembo platform

For your security needs



Keep the students and staff at your school safe with our comprehensive security solution. Monitor crowd flow and be able to locate all students at a time of need. Get alerts for unusual activity and potential threats.

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Focus on the game and know that Tembo is watching in the background. Monitor crowds of people as they enter and exit the stadium and get alerted for any unusual activity.



Have full oversight of activity and movements within your building. Get alerts for unusual activity and potential threats. Track visitors through the building and ensure that they aren’t threats.


our solution


A novel hardware + software platform that uses proprietary sensors and machine learning…


…to model and analyze human activity and crowd flow in real time…

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…in order to protect high schools, stadiums, and large corporate offices.